English Language Arts Standards » Reading: Literature » Grade 1

Standards in this strand:

Key Ideas and Details

  • RL.1.1. Ask and answer questions about key details in a text.
  • RL.1.2. Retell stories, including key details, and demonstrate understanding of their central message or lesson.
  • RL.1.3. Describe characters, settings, and major events in a story, using key details.

Craft and Structure

  • RL.1.4. Identify words and phrases in stories or poems that suggest feelings or appeal to the senses.
  • RL.1.5. Explain major differences between books that tell stories and books that give information, drawing on a wide reading of a range of text types.
  • RL.1.6. Identify who is telling the story at various points in a text.

Integration of Knowledge and Ideas

  • RL.1.7. Use illustrations and details in a story to describe its characters, setting, or events.
  • RL.1.8. (Not applicable to literature)
  • RL.1.9. Compare and contrast the adventures and experiences of characters in stories.

Range of Reading and Level of Text Complexity

  • RL.1.10. With prompting and support, read prose and poetry of appropriate complexity for grade 1.